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Who we are & Our Story

Dignity Global is a worldwide non-government organization founded in 2019 with its headquarters in New York City. Before we started our official campaigns we led movements in countries where human rights are abused. We are still working hard to give voice to those who are discriminated in any form, whether it is race, age, sex, religious beliefs or cultural backgrounds. We focus on the equal opportunities around the world and the respect of human rights, no matter who you are, how you feel or what you think.





We strongly believe that every person in the world must live a life of dignity. But, are we living i n the world we all dream? The answer is very simple. No! We stand for every human on earth whose rights are abused. We will stand until each and everyone of you live the life they deserve, live a life of dignity.

— Elton Iliriani, Founder

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What we do?

Our main focus are women’s rights and LGBTIQ community’s rights, but we do not exempt any other community who needs support. A great team of research experts collected data for our projects “Women’s Employment Equality Index” and “LBTIQ Employment Equality Index” (See Our Projects), unique projects for countries like Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and North Macedonia. We follow our results, until we see positive changes. This is only the start of our great mission.