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‘Clothes have no gender’: Dad of 3 wears heels and skirts everyday

Most of us believe that clothes have “genders.” Our society got the idea that some things are “fitting” for a man or woman to wear, some are not. However, there are open-minded people in this world who wear whatever they want and express themselves freely, not needing to live up to any type of stereotype. Like this inspiring man. He proves that it’s finally time to get rid of gender stereotypes, especially in clothing.

Mark Bryan is an American, but he currently lives in Germany and is a robotic engineer. He lives his life like every other person, except that he challenges gender stereotypes every day. He almost always wears a skirt and heels while he goes to work, to the town, and even at home. And let’s just say he looks absolutely fabulous while he does.

Married for eleven years, Mark gets full support from his wife, and much often, she makes suggestions on what he should wear. Interestingly, Mark’s daughter sometimes wishes to borrow his shoes as they are really stunning and classic.

The 61-year-old robotics engineering manager first started wearing heels when he was in college, when his then-girlfriend asked him to before he danced with her.

He began wearing skirts later in life, and created an Instagram account @markybryan911 to share his daily looks.

Several people have questioned Mark’s sexuality since he started openly wearing skirts, which he says can make him short tempered.

‘Most of the time, I’ll tell them it’s none of their business,’ he said. ‘Other times, I’ll just say, I’m straight.

‘But there are times I’ll go off on some, mostly men, when asked. I’ll respond with something like “why would me wearing a skirt make you think of my sexual preferences?” or “would you ask that same question if I was wearing pants?”, or “Do you ask a women wearing a skirt and heels her sexual preferences?”

Mark regularly posts photos of himself posing in his stylish outfits – often coordinating his typically male button-up collared shirts with a pair of heels to mix up what is expected for certain genders.

In his bio, Mark describes himself as a ‘straight, happily married guy that loves Porsches, beautiful women and incorporating heels and skirts into my daily wardrobe’.





‘Clothes have no gender’: Dad of 3 wears heels and skirts everyday

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